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If your website has high traffic and you are using shared server then you should shift your business to VPS hosting to provider better services to your online customers. Shared server may slow down your website when traffic to your website increases. But VPS hosting is a technique that helps you to manage increased traffic to your website. You may click at to know more about VPS hosting and its benefits. VPS hosting is a hosting technique that provides you more flexibility and stability to your online business. It is a cost effective technique with improved features. You can use the same server for getting an access to all the services. You can find out the bandwidth and disk space required for your website and then buy VPS hosting services from the best web service provider. 

In shared hosting you share everything with others but in VPS hosting you have independent control on your website and you do not have to share it with other people. There is managed and unmanaged VPS hosting and you can decide which type of hosting you would require for your business. Both have its pros and cons. If you have big business and do not have time to look after different aspects of your website then you may use managed VPS as in this type of VPS hosting entire control of your business website is in the hands of the web service provider. But if you have a small business and enough time to manage your server then you may choose unmanaged VPS hosting. In unmanaged VPS hosting you have to pay less. You can get all the services in VPS as you get with shared hosting.  If you have high website traffic then you will surely need to shift to VPS hosting. It gives you more support and improved security for your website.